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Asian Beauty Secrets

Have you ever wondered why it is that so many Japanese women and other Asian women look so much younger than their years? It certainly is intriguing to know just what is it in Japanese skincare products that seems to delay or stop the aging process, and makes skin look so smooth, healthy, and young.

The Japanese have traditionally used Mother Nature’s gifts from the earth and the sea to nourish and beautify their skin. Let’s take a look at some of the natural beauty ingredients that the women of Japan have been using since ancient times.

Azuki. A kind of red bean, it is also known as adzuki or aduki. It is a centuries-old traditional beauty ingredient in Japan and in some other Asian countries. Women would place ground azuki in small silk pouches, which they would then rub on their face to keep it smooth and free from blemishes.

Komenuka Rice Bran. Another super ingredient in Japanese skin care tradition, it enjoys a reputation as excellent skin food. Its nourishment properties help keep the skin looking young and smooth by preventing wrinkles from appearing and by controlling the skin’s natural oil production.

Wakame Kelp. This is a kind of sea algae found in the waters of Japan and is one of the superstars in Japanese traditional and natural skincare. Its other health benefits are so many that it’s also used as an ingredient in many Japanese dishes.

One of the things that is so amazing about wakame algae is its remarkable ability to prevent the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, a substance that our body needs in order to maintain healthy skin and keep it supple, firm, and young. Having insufficient amounts of hyaluronic acid leads to dark circles under the eyes and to dry, unappealing skin.

Another characteristic of this Japanese seaweed derivative is the excellent protection it provides from harmful free radicals, which cause our skin to age prematurely. It is rich in minerals needed for skin health and beauty, such as calcium, potassium, and vitamin B. It truly is a beauty preserver, and an outstanding skin care product ingredient.

You don’t necessarily have to be Japanese in order to experience the beneficial effects of these traditional beauty products used in Japan. There are anti-aging products like face creams, eye creams, and firming masks that contain them, and which you can buy regardless of your race or skin color.

Learn more about the effects of traditional Japanese skincare products and techniques today. It may help you find the beauty and anti-aging product that works best for you.

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Asian Beauty Secrets


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Beauty Secrets From Asia

Your face is starting to heat up, your eyes are becoming more and more bloodshot, your face is starting to swell and turn a very unflattering red color. Oh my gosh – how embarrassing. Trust me on this, Asian to Asian, this is SO unattractive and you really should do something about it.

So the number one Asian beauty secret is, Solve your Asian Glow problem! It is just too annoying when you spend hours making yourself look attractive and to have it swiftly spoiled as soon as you start drinking alcohol. Plus, being able to drink alcohol freely and without worry about your Asian Glow is important if you want to connect with someone who is drinking alcohol… its simple state based psychology.gy.

This unflattering disorder is called Asian Glow and refers to an enzyme deficiency that prevent the body from breaking down some specific byproducts of the alcohol metabolism process. These are unfortunately toxic, and as a result, you sometimes experience a variety of toxic reactions mentioned above.

It is commonly accepted that there is no permanent cure for the enzyme deficiency. That said, many Asian Glow sufferers have sought other methods to counter the side effects of Asian Glow.

How do we fix this Asian beauty problem?

You will be happy to hear that you don’t need to be put up with being less attractive when you drink alcohol. There are tried and tested solutions available that come with money back guarantees. If you are an Asian that is cursed by the flush, you are crazy not to at least give a cure a try.

Koh Samui has always attracted people looking for a place to unwind and relax. Even before spas came into existence, several new age centers were already established. In Thailand there are alternative venues which offer opportunities for meditation, but still the demand for sophisticated luxurious spa resorts are increasing day by day. However, this is the perfect place where you can explore all kinds of de-stressing body treatments, traditional massage, and Asian beauty secrets.

Spa treatments have become the ideal option to unwind and get rejuvenated. With the ever increasing work pressure and hectic schedules, people are now going on holidays for spa treatments. Koh Samui spa resorts that promise its guests a wide range of therapies and beauty treatments. You can pamper yourself with everything ranging from traditional Thai massage to different kinds of exotic treatments and massages with special scrubs and oils that are imported from many places across the globe.

Experience the spas of Koh Samui

While planning your holiday in Thailand, you can ask your travel agent to help you in getting the best spa holiday packages. All such packages generally include health management, detoxification of the body, rejuvenation, fasting and weight-loss programs. The spa resorts offer excellent massage services in a green and calm setting.

You will find that these resorts are affordable and the experience is worth the price that you pay for it. A majority of the spa resorts in Koh Samui are wooden, Thai-style houses at the water’s edge, where you can pamper yourself with great massage treatments. Some of the spas are even equipped with salt floatation tanks for ensuring client satisfaction. The holistic spa approach consists of:

Herbal steam massage

Body masque

Ayurvedic aroma therapy

Classic Thai massage


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Beauty Secrets From Asia

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